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When we change how we see our world
our world starts to change


"Security" doesn’t come from rules carved into stone.

It comes from the capacity to adapt and respond. It comes from trusted relationships and the understanding that we are all connected in the larger sphere. 

It comes from spherical systems designed to be flexible, adaptable, responsive and resourceful so that we have the capacity to effectively respond to whatever life throws at us.

What does it mean to be spherical?


Spherical Principles

Sphericity is a holistic way of seeing and understanding complex systems based on the premise that everything is interconnected, interdependent, and self-organizing.

The spherical model creates an integrative view that makes complex systems make sense and provides the basis for a shared understanding from which to communicate and collaborate.

When we see systems spherically we realize

  • Every sphere is unique and there are no perfect spheres.

  • Spheres continuously change shape as they flex, adapt, and self-organize.

  • Every sphere influences other spheres.

  • The integrity of one sphere depends on the integrity of other spheres.

  • The shape of our sphere determines how we see, understand, think, and act (well-roundedness)

Spherical Collaboration

In a world that is constantly changing, our systems need to be dynamic and responsive as well. We need the capacity to adapt and bounce forward when change occurs.

Some of the benefits of spherical collaboration include:

  • Greater understanding and awareness. Seeing systems spherically enables organizations to identify patterns and trends that may not be apparent when looking at individual parts in isolation.

  • More comprehensive and harmonizing solutions. A spherical approach considers the needs and perspectives of all stakeholders and is grounded in a holistic, inclusive perspective.

  • Enhanced collaboration and communication. Seeing systems spherically strengthens and energizes connections within and between individuals and organizations.

  • Going FARR. Seeing systems spherically helps individuals and organizations become more flexible, adaptable, responsive, and resilient so they can adjust their strategies in accord with prevailing internal and external conditions.

  • Integrative conceptual and visual sensemaking. The spherical metaphor enhances collaboration, congruence, and sustainability within the system by promoting common understanding.


  • Needs-focused vs. Outcome-focused. The goal of influencing the sphere of the system to be as round as possible addresses needs holistically rather than in isolation making the overall well-being of the system the focus of all strategies, policies, and actions.

Get out of the box

How we see systems determines how we think and act in the system.

When we change how we see systems we change how we think and act in the system

  • When we are in the box all we can see is our own perspective.

  • This inability to see the whole picture can make us rigid and resistant to change.

  • The box doesn't allow for growth or expansion without losing its structural integrity.






When we lead from the box we limit the potential of our people,

  • In the sphere we can see all sides.

  • This vantage point allows us to see how all elements of the system work in harmony.

  • This spherical harmony allows us to grow and respond to change without losing our structural integrity.







In a spherical system all stakeholders understand their relationship to each other which allows them to work harmoniously  and holistically.

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